Thermo-Hydraulic Analysis & Flow Assurance

In the area of Thermo Hydraulic Analysis & Pipeline Flow Assurance, the transport of the multiphase fluid is studied from the reservoir to the point of sale. Simulations are carried out in steady & transient condition for all kinds of transported fluids.
Our studies cover the pipelines carrying various fluids, having a wide range of diameters and diverse lengths. Both flat and hilly-terrain pipelines have been covered by our studies. When it comes to the transported fluids, our staff has experience in the pure liquid, gas and multiphase pipelines, as well as the LCO2 & SCCO2 installations.
Simulations are performed in the steady-state condition for single & multiphase fluids, with the aim of define flowrates, diameter operating pressure and temperature. When it comes to the transient-state, Gas and Multiphase Pipelines dynamic analysis, including pipeline start-up, pigging, ramp-up and turn down operations, is provided. In addition, pipeline filling and blow down make part of the analysis. The software used for the multiphase calculations is a semi-dynamic CFD software, able to handle the variations in fluid state over the time and along the pipeline length.
Liquid Pipelines' water hammer and surge transient events are analyzed by means of another specialized tool, able to handle pipelines having various characteristics, incorporating an integral steady-state solver to calculate the initial conditions and seamlessly transfer these to the transient solver. The analysis covers valves' closure and safety system verification, as well.

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