The engineering application of reliable commercial CFD and FEM software helps our team of qualified Engineers to promptly deliver advanced solutions to our clients, giving them full support through both Conceptual and Detailed Design phases.
We have successfully delivered complex projects involving all the main CFD and FEM capabilities. Main areas in which we resort to numerical tools are:

  • Health, Safety & Environment. CFD turns out to be a powerful tool, able to simulate complex scenarios defined by statistical studies on major accidents, otherwise impossible to reproduced with experiments in situation at high risk or simply to be evaluated with analytical approach. Typical applications in HSE area, studied by means of CFD, are:
    • Indoor-outdoor pollutant dispersion;
    • Risk analysis of heat source in industrial plant;
    • Gas storage and gas transport system behaviour
  • System and Equipment Design & Optimization. CFD and FEM analysis are carried out in order to deeply understand and accurately predict the physical behaviour of individual devices or complex systems. In the initial stages of the product design, the flexibility of the numerical approach has helped us to promptly identify sensible parameters and contribute putting the product design process on the right path right from the start. When taking action in the latter part of design phase, thanks to the comprehensiveness of a typical CFD or FEM study, it has been possible to quickly assess potential existing flaws of the design or targeting product room for improvement.

    We gained expertise in the modelling and optimization of several devices such as:

      • Control Valves and General Fittings;
      • Heat Exchangers;
      • Mixing Jets
      • Rotating Machinery (Fans and Pumps)
      • Chemical Reactors

    • Cleanroom Design. Optimization of cleanroom in pharmaceutical and manufacturing application can be easily carried out with CFD analysis. Through the evaluation of the ventilation system and the modification of the room design, simulations can predict air change effectiveness, contaminant distribution and air flow speed efficiency.

    Streamline Engineering is equipped with leading professional CFD software (ANSYS Complete Package and Simscale) able to face a wide range of industrial problems and to win the competition by accelerating products Time to Market. Main simulation features treated are:

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